Things to do in World of Warcraft

In the World of Warcraft, there are a lot of activities that you can do in addition to the raid system. In breaks from mythic +10 boost, you can go fishing, or upgrade achievements and many other activities.

Things to do in World of Warcraft

  • Archeology
  • Achievements
  • Professions
  • Fishing and cooking
  • PVP


For a better understanding of the World of Warcraft game world, its history and the ability to engage in new activities in the MMO, there is an archeology system.

These are special areas, marked with shovels on the map, that allow players to dig for achievements, study the game’s story, and receive special rewards.


Achievements are a system of additional tasks, often associated with game activities and always aimed at pushing the player to try all the game mechanics and find all the rewards and Easter eggs. Some actions will not be obvious, but all achievements and rewards for them can be viewed in a special menu section and sent to perform specific actions.


Despite the fact that more and more players stop paying attention to professions with each update, they remain a good source of gold and an excellent activity that dilutes tedious leveling and adds value to players by leveling rare and sought-after professions.

Professions are divided into collective and creating


Skinning – Gather useful resources from slain animals while leveling up your profession. You will need a special knife, which is bought from a special NPC.

Mining is the extraction of ores and rare minerals useful in blacksmithing and jewelry making. You will need a pickaxe, which is similarly bought from NPCs.

Gathering Herbs – In all locations where grass grows, you can find various plants that can be collected and further used in alchemy and to create bandages and antidotes.


Leatherworking – Use harvested skins of slain creatures to create leather items. Resources or ready-made materials can be sold on the marketplace to beginners who will need basic equipment for raiding.

Blacksmithing – the ore collected in the mines is used to make heavy armor used by the corresponding classes. Similarly, with leather, you can sell both the ore itself and finished products.

Jewelcrafting – in the mines from time to time you will receive gems and materials used to create jewelry with enhanced characteristics. Use resources to develop your skills as a jeweler and master more complex recipes that will also bring a higher reward for their creation in the form of gold.

Alchemy – Harvested herbs are commonly used to create special potions that enhance a character’s own stats or weaken enemy stats.

Enchanting is the most difficult and interesting profession, which consists in destroying equipment to obtain special resources to enhance other equipment. It is more difficult to pump due to the need for constant equipment for destruction, but masters of the profession are especially valued in the game world, since they are the ones who give the best armor additional characteristics.

Fishing and cooking

Although fishing and cooking are considered professions, they do not occupy slots associated with professions and are available to all players without exception.

Fishing plays the role of leisure, allowing the player to relax after a hard raid and catch fish of different levels, which can be sold as a resource, including in cooking.

Cooking as well as fishing plays a supporting role and has a number of features. Cooking is pumped by cooking and the higher the skill of the cook and the quality of the products, the better the food will turn out, the higher the parameters it will raise and the longer the effect will last.


PVP is the pinnacle of ambition in all online games. Players spend hours, days and weeks getting the best equipment and weapons to be the strongest warrior on the battlefield.

It is very easy to find a battle with other players in WoW – just go to the location where two factions of the corresponding level intersect and arrange battles to get special coins.

An important clarification – coins are issued for killing representatives of another faction of the same level as you. Do not hunt for beginners below you in level. In the game, this is considered bad form, does not bring points and rewards, and sooner or later will be punished by players of your level.

After pumping and dressing your character, go to large-scale battlefields in the battle for control of important factional lands. Such battles are always epic, with many opponents and a place where tactics and strategy meet.