Tips to style patches

Patchwork has been around for a long time and is still popular in the modern-day. There are many different types of patches that you can use to create a unique piece of clothing or home d├ęcor. But how do you know which style of the patch will work best? And what should you consider when choosing placement? Read on to find out more about how to get started with this fun, creative hobby!

How to Style Patches

Patches are decorative pieces of fabric that can be pinned to your clothes or sewn in. Patch outfits are the result of using a patch on an item of clothing. Men can confidently style patches with good posture and a sense of belonging.


Patches can be styled with different thread colors, cutting and sewing steps to create a funky look effortlessly. Men can style denim with patches by pairing them appropriately. Stylish patches have risen from the fashion graveyard, and denim jackets are among the most popular examples. To make a jacket trendy, buy patches for denim jackets at online stores.

Military Jacket

The intricate patch on the military jacket looks stunning and says a lot about the wearer. To make one’s look trendy, it is good to wear a patched jacket.

Track Jacket

This track jacket with patches combo is always a good idea. Adding patches to a jacket is as easy as sewing one or two on in contrasting colors.


Although wearing a patched tee shirt will introduce this trend in your wardrobe with ease, it is important to be cautious before purchasing one. Men can create a patchwork shirt out of old t-shirts and paste patches on them.

Denim Jacket

Dark denim jackets and other dark-toned jackets make ideal surfaces for styling patches because they will draw maximum attention. You can wear patchwork with a simple tee and good pair of jeans.


Adding patches to the footwear adds a lot of interest and helps keep new shoes looking good. This will surely make anyone stand out in a crowd.

Biker Jacket

Fashionable leather biker jackets with patches have always been in the mainstream. Pair this jacket with ripped jeans and the crew neck t-shirt for a quick weekend look!


Shirts with patches add a stylish touch to your overall look and make you appear up-to-date. But it is very important to choose the right color when styling your patches. The wrong colors won’t create good contrasts.


The Patch Backpack is the latest trend in fashion amongst teenagers. Style patches typically are the domain of college students looking to wear them as a fashion statement on campus.


Hoodies play a major role in patch outfits as they give an instant dapper look. It can be styled for any casual occasion. As well as, it is such a trend nowadays.


This is one of the most stylish casual looks for guys as it is easy to do yet still fashionable. It can be paired with a variety of clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Threads for Patches

When repairing or making leather goods, make sure the thread being used is made with no cotton. The most common thread of the general public is 50/50 cotton and polyester, which is also the majority among those who sew.

The type of thread used to sew on your leather needs to be carefully chosen because it can react with the tanning process for most biker leathers. When thread and tannin contact each other, they will gradually rot away from each other.

Use 100% nylon or polyester thread for leather sewing, as it is more durable and resistant to tearing.

It is also important to choose a type of thread appropriate for the leather.

Placements of Patches

Commonly, clothing items are manufactured in factories. The back of a vest or jacket may not cover the center of the top, and factors like fabric placement can make this determination difficult. Garments were designed to fit the form of your body, meaning that they will twist or fold depending on what you are wearing. When thinking about where to place a patch on a garment, sometimes the best way to do so is when the garment is flat. A good placement for a patch is the upper portion of your shirt, where it will be visible on both sides. If you plan on wearing your vest with the patch sewn to the front, it may change in appearance when worn. The lettering orientation will read differently depending on which side of the chest or shoulder is shown. A good idea is to pin, glue or staple a patch in place before trying the garment and making sure that it doesn’t touch any other clothes. When trying the patch on, it should be worn to estimate how well it will look when worn. You can assess how well a patch will look by wearing it before attaching the patch to the garment.


The many different ways to style patches are a lot of fun and can be very creative. But don’t forget the basics! For those who want to get started on this trend fashion, here are some quick tips for effortlessly styling your patch collection.