Top Rated Resorts in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to some of the biggest cities the United States of America has to offer, with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh being two locations that have proven to be incredibly popular with tourists for a number of years.

Indeed, with the state being rich with a diverse number of different terrains such as the hustle and bustle that the cities provide, to the fields and mountains, as well as all of the historic Revolutionary War-era sites that the great eastern state is known for, it is no surprise that many are continuing to look for the best resorts to stay in when they make the trip.

There is no shortage of top resorts to stay at once inside the borders of this beautiful state, with this list providing just some of those that need to be visited.

Woodloch Pines Resort

For those that are looking to participate in a variety of different outdoor sports that they may not have been able to do elsewhere, the Woodloch Pines Resort could be considered one of the best that Pennsylvania has to offer.

There are a large number of rooms available to stay in, but it will be the amenities that are on offer that will attract people to come and stay here, with a wide array of different outdoor sports all available to take part in.

There is a Championship 18-hole golf course that can be played, whilst there is a rock-climbing wall, archery, as well as the opportunity to go kayaking on the lake that is located nearby. Furthermore, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools to use, as well as the possibility of participating in go-kart racing, as well as bumper cars and boats!

Whilst many of these will sound like perfect summer activities, the resort in Hawley also caters for the winter months, as well, with ice skating and snow tubing both available to do.

Mohegan Sun Pocono

The Mohegan Sun Pocono resort is the best casino-based resort that tourists can look to stay at when they visit Pennsylvania as it will be able to cater to all of their gambling needs. With the state having recently legalized online betting to take place, gambling operators have looked to get involved and have managed to do so alongside these casino resorts. A good example is Unibet in partnership with Mohegan Sun perhaps the biggest one of them so far as they provide the online gambling platform for people living in the state.

An adults-only resort, there are 238 stylish rooms available to stay in, with each of them being decorated in the most stylish furnishings possible. Those that want to hit the casino are able to find 90 gaming tables to sit at, whilst there are over 2,000 different slot machines waiting to be spun.

In addition, there is a shopping arcade, a spa, as well as the possibility to take in an entertaining show or participate in a variety of different sports including golf and swimming.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Based in Macungie, Bear Creek Mountain is another top resort that is located within Pennsylvania for those looking to enjoy the best vacation they possibly can.

The resort boasts an ultra-modern design that can be seen throughout the 3-star rooms on offer, whilst there are a number of different amenities that can help to make the stay as enjoyable as it can be. These include indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs, as well as tennis courts and basketball courts that can be used.

In addition, there are a number of water-based activities on offer, as well, with kayaking and paddleboarding possible, whilst there is also a games room that can be enjoyed by the younger generation.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Perhaps one of the best resorts to be able to visit and stay at when in Pennsylvania is the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, located in Bedford. The resort is one of the most luxurious available within the state, as the hot springs have continued to attract tourists for over two centuries.

A 4-star resort, this establishment will provide visitors with a top of the range spa treatment, as well as five top restaurants, as well as sports such as golf and swimming that can all be enjoyed whilst on site, as can 25 miles of hiking trails.

There are a total of 216 guest rooms to choose from, with each of the units featuring impressive decor and a spacious balcony that provides some stunning views.