Hulu in Mexico

Hulu offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and live content, with or without commercial interruptions. It allows you to watch the shows from the comfort of your home. A streaming platform that brings together content from all over the world provides stiff competition to all other premium streaming services. You can find the best Spanish films of all time on Hulu, no matter your taste, drama, comedy, horror, or plain adventure. So pick your favorite movie and start streaming.

1.The Mole Agent

The Mole Agent, a comic documentary by Maite Alberdi, released in 2020, explores the realities of aging. In the documentary narrative, the drama is seamlessly interwoven with the documentary as a private investigator working in Chile hires an older man to work as a mole. It is planned that he will work at a retirement home to see if he can trace the abuse events that might be happening there.


The 2014 horror film Asmodexia, starring Marc Carreté, will definitely shiver your spine. A young exorcist named Eloy de Palma works with his granddaughter Alba, who is also an exorcist. They attempted to fight the demonic plague that had taken possession of the citizens of Barcelona. But, unfortunately, it seems to me that they were eradicating it. Films like this one are frightening and violent, but they also show great creativity and brilliance.

3.28 Weeks Later

It is a horror-thriller movie that was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and was released in 2007. This intense watch starts right after Britain has been wiped out by the rage virus, which causes the entire country to crumble. Despite the US army declaring the city safe once again, the residents of the city have yet to be plagued by the fear of the virus again.


Sidewalls, a hilarious comedy film directed by Argentine film director Gustavo Taretto, can really make you smile. The movie is a romantic drama movie released in 2011 in which Martin and Mariana face off against each other. Although this film is visually appealing and fun, it also has a philosophical touch, making it an enjoyable movie. The fun and optimism portrayed in this film will definitely resonate with you.

As we know, Hulu is currently available only in the United States and Japan, but for those of you who love Spanish-language films, you cannot access Hulu in Mexico. However, there is a way to watch Hulu in Mexico. If you wish to access it outside of the United States and Japan, you will need a VPN service.


The horror film Veronica from Paco Plaza is a true thriller. A teenage girl wants to invoke her father’s spirit through an Ouija board during a solar eclipse. Unfortunately, she loses consciousness in the course of the session, and it quickly becomes apparent that evil demons have taken over her body.

Ma Ma

A story about a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, Julio Medem’s Ma Ma features Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz. While she is coping with her grief, she develops a connection with someone who is also going through a hard time. Besides the captivating story, the film also conveys a social message.


This horror-thriller offers a thrilling story with a refreshing touch. In a fairly simple story, the story follows a slow pace until the end of the tale, when everything explodes, leaving you shocked. In the story, a woman needs to find tenants for a decrepit apartment that she owns. She finds a suitable tenant, not realizing that what will follow will be a horrible experience.

8. Antz

Antz or Hormiguitaz, directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson, is an adventurous story about friendship and adversity. The story revolves around the character Z, an ant who does not think he is content with life at the anthill. He meets Bala, who has the same motives as him, and destiny brings them together again in the midst of something very significant. A great voice cast is present for this movie, and it is also full of awesome animations and good humor!

9.The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate is a thriller mystery starring Johnny Depp that Roman Polanski directed. In the role of Dean Corso, Depp portrays a dealer who specializes in rare books. As he becomes involved in a search for the last two copies of a rare book, he seems unaware of the paranormal events that the book will bring about.


The character Gloria is a party girl who is out of work and moves back to her hometown after being evicted from her apartment by her boyfriend. In the wake of news reports that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, South Korea, Gloria gradually comes to the conclusion that somehow she is connected to this far-away phenomenon. However, with events rapidly spiraling out of control, she must find out why her seemingly insignificant existence profoundly impacts the world.

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There is no better way to learn some of the trickier elements of a second language than through films and television. Aside from this, who does not enjoy watching films? Get yourself a Fanta and a Takis and enjoy Hulu’s 10 best Spanish movies right now.