Water Filters And How They Work

In principle, the water that arrives at your home is safe to drink. It has been processed by the water treatment works. This means the water has been pushed through large filters to remove debris and all pathogens in the water have been killed. Pathogens and bacteria are killed by adding chlorine to the water.

In addition, the treatment works often adds fluoride which boosts the strength of your teeth and bones.

However, there are questions regarding the health and safety implications of adding chemicals to the water supply. In addition, to this, the water travels through hundreds of miles of pipes before reaching your home. During the journey, there is a risk of additional contamination.

In short, the water that comes out of your faucet may not be the same as that which leaves the plant. To avoid issues and help health many Australians are adding water filters to their systems. It is certainly a cheaper option than the 15% of people who buy bottled water. It is worth noting that some bottled waters are simply water from a faucet, this is legal.

What the Water Filer Does

If you check out some of the best water filters Australia you’ll quickly realize there are several different types of water filters. In essence, they all perform a similar task. Water filters block the path of the water, forcing it to go through a specific substance. That substance is the type of filter you are using.

Each substance offers different filtration abilities. Some will remove bacteria, others chemicals, and some even remove the minerals, effectively softening the water.

The main types of water filters are:

  • Activated Carbon

This is carbon that has been heated to open its pores. The process increases the surface area and improves its ability to capture chemicals and bacteria. This is the most popular and commonly used type of water filter.

  • Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis effectively forcing water through a filter and prevents the particles from going through. It’s a very effective way of eliminating minerals and softening the water.

  • Ultra Violet

Ultra violet filters mimic the sun and use the same light that the sun does. IT passes through the water and kills bacteria and pathogens.

Choosing A Water Filter

It’s a good idea to speak to the experts when choosing a water filter as it depends on what type of water you currently have and what you are trying to eliminate.

There is little doubt that a water filter is beneficial to your health as it removes potentially harmful compounds. But, you’ll also notice that the water filter improves the flavor of your water, ensuring that once you’ve tried filtered water there is no going back!

You can fit the filter yourself or have the professionals do it for you, offering a hassle free service. The best part is that there is very little maintenance to do, other than changing the filter periodically.