Bicycle Accidents are High in Phoenix

Phoenix metropolitan area is known for its busy state, with about 75% deadly accidents involving bicycles taking place on urban streets. The drivers are responsible for using the same road as cyclists and the cyclists are required to heed to the traffic signs and signals just like other drivers. If you are going to ride a bike in the urban streets of phoenix, there are a few things that our Phoenix bike accident lawyer recommends below.

As a simpler and more affordable way to maneuver the city streets, a great deal of people in phoenix depends on their bicycles to exercise and enjoy themselves. In an effort of improving the bicycles roadway states, the department of street transformation has added bicycles lanes, approved the use of helmets as well as provided education on the challenges facing the cyclists. However, the rate of bicycle accidents in phoenix remains at the top with statistics revealing more than 375 collisions involving bicycles in a year. According to the transportation department of the phoenix street, more than 80% of bicycles accidents in the city take place within 150 feet of a major junctions such as 16th street and Camelback Road, 19th and Southern Avenues and the 75th Avenue and Indian School Road.

This statistic is similar to other information that pinpoint that failure of the road way users to follow the right of way at stop signs and traffic lights are the main causes of all the collisions related to traffic in the city. Additionally, roughly 40% of bicycles collision accidents take place while a motorist is making a right-hand turn. This is because drivers making a right turn are a problem to the cyclist as they are supposed to ride within a bike lane where one is available or one is on the right-hand edge of the road.

If the driver turning right fails to see the cyclist on the road’s edge, there is a high risk of the bicycle accident. Additionally, it is essential to take the fundamental risk of your environment into account, and to ride proper bicycle that is in good working condition. Knowing the safest areas for cycling in Phoenix and understanding the frequent accidents experienced in the area is highly recommended. In Phoenix most drivers behind the cyclist accidents are as a result of speeding thus the driver is unable to respond to the cyclist, they see in their path by hitting the brakes.

Drunk driving is also considered as one of the major causes of bicycle accidents in Phoenix. A drunk or distracted driver may also contribute highly to the massive increase in bicycle accidents especially when they are not able to react swiftly to changing conditions such as a traffic light change.

Other causes of bicycle accidents in phoenix include dooring accidents where someone hits a cyclist when they are either entering a parked car or exiting by opening the door into the bike lane. Concisely, cyclist accidents in phoenix can be reduced or avoided by educating the motorists to increase their awareness of cyclists on the road.