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Fashion is not just a combination of clothes and accessories put together. It is a statement that you make. Fashion is very personal and yet that is one of the first things people notice about you when you walk in. It can make or break your image. That is why it is very important to look your best at all times. Fashion not only reflects your personality but also your state of mind, the season, and sometimes culture. That is why mindful dressing sense can speak volumes about who you are even before speaking a word. But fashion is not that easy. It is difficult to develop a sense and practice it every day. It doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. We understand and recognize that. With some help and guidance, you can also ace that fashion game just like those social media influencers you see. As difficult as styling a good look is, it is more so in winter because in this season you’re not just styling but also styling to protect yourself. This balance is very difficult to achieve. That is why this article talks about 7 curated women’s designer clothing at Inzagi that will help you look gorgeous.

Long Shrugs: A perfect look to get coffee or spend some intimate time outdoors during winters, a shrug is a perfect wear on days it is not freezing. This light winter look gives off a very cozy vibe. Pair it with some beautiful accessories and glam up the look instantly.

Velvet Jacket: Are you in the mood for some rad look? Top it up with your high waist skirt or jeans with a beautiful velvet jacket. It gives you an edgy look while protecting you from the cold.

Woolen Jacket: Nothing better than the comfort of woolen during winters. Woolen jackets give the best protection from the cold. Pair it with a track pant and you’re ready for a quick visit at your friend’s house or grocery shopping. It doesn’t need much thought or anything.

Turtle neck sweaters: Turtle neck sweaters never go out of fashion. Turtle neck sweaters are always trending. They are the perfect balance that you struggle to achieve in winter. Pair your turtle neck with long bell-bottoms, and you are ready to conquer the world and the cold. Wear a pendant over a self-color turtleneck sweaters and wear high waist jeans along with it. This will instantly style up your look.

Coatigan: There are times when you have an important meeting and you just don’t know which winter wear is formal enough. A coatigan is your answer for such dilemmas. The perfect pinch of formal wear with the warmth you need in winters. Pair it with jeans and you’re good to go. These coatigans are comfortable to work in and will also save you from the biting cold. Buy one in a subtle color so that you can recycle this wear into both formal and informal clothing.

Scarfs: In winters, scarfs are more than just accessories. They are an added layer of protection but with the right scarf and color, it can brighten up a very dull outfit as well. Scarfs are also flexible accessories that can go with almost anything and everything. Keep a scarf for each day of the week and never have one boring outfit day.

Layering: So what if you have to go to a party during the winter? How do you style yourself to look your best? And what are you going to do with the fact that all your party dresses are sleeveless and won’t protect you from the cold? Layering is one of the top winter trends. Wear your dress over a sweater and pair it with some boots.

Leather jacket: In the mood for some mono love? Wear a black leather jacket and pair it with some chic boots. Don’t forget a belt that will brighten up the look. This cool girl look might become your mantra this winter.

Fashion is a way of expression so whatever you choose to wear should be your choice. You can take inspiration from other people but the look you curate should speak of who you are as a person. It is not without any reason that it is said that fashion is art. But most importantly we must follow the top trend in fashion – that is being comfortable in what you wear. That will never go out of style.